Learner Personas

It is helpful to think about the learner you are designing for before creating your space. You can describe what a potential learner may know, issues they may have, potential trouble spots, and most importantly what they can contribute to the space you design with your students.

Below are my examples

Chris, Teacher in Master's of Education Program

Chris is a student in my program. He has already taken Digital Teaching and Learning I. Chris knows basic principles for universal design of learning. She has an understanding of Google Apps and uses them in her classroom. Chris has been blogging for a long time on weebly. Chris is a little hesitant in the class using GitHub and Glitch. Mainly because she is not always used to sharing and wants to only show perfection. Chris understanding of how to craft feedback makes her a huge asset in the class. She can keep conversations going across blogs.

Erica Computer Science Student, not taking class for credit

Erica joined the class after reading about it on Twitter. She has been playing with IndieWeb stuff for awhile and wants to try and build a MicroSub reader. She pops in and out of the class doing some of the events but mainly hacks away on her own project. Erica has never worked on a project in the Open before and needs some guidance in controlling expectations of what can be accomplished well under fast deadlines. She really is a blast to hang out with in the class stream and the stuff Erica makes is awesome.

Sanju, Teacher in Master's of Education Program

Sanju has never taken an online class before and doesn't use the web much beyond social media. She took the class after enjoiying Digital Teaching and Learning I. Sanju needs additional support like week zero sign up meetings and drop in online office hours. She is committed to learning how to turn her favorite Shakespeare unit into an online template she can share with the world.

Brian, Community Expert

Brian has been active in the WordPress and IndieWeb communities for some time. He has volunteered to help with the class. Brian will record a few podcasts throughout the class. He also "answers" by sharing post he created. He models many of the behaivors necessary for us to take back the web.

Michelle, Teacher, Not taking class for credit

Michelle heard about the class on Twitter. She has always heard about IndieWeb and having a domain of your own. She is super excited to move her blog from Blogger to WordPress and try the IndieWeb thing.Michelle doesn't compete all of the activities but does read and annotate many of the works assigned in class. She is working on taking an algebra unit and moving it online.